Phil Stevens

Phil Stevens, born in New Jersey, is an award-winning Director who uses his deep understanding of character arc development, his fleet of cinema cameras, featuring the Alexa 35 and an Alexa Mini LF, and his command of cinematography, message integration, and talent management to craft authentic, relatable, and encouraging stories. Phil utilizes innovative and crisp cinematography to create an immersive world for his characters to inhabit.

Along with winning multiple Tellys in both the Directing and Cinematography categories, Phil has also received the Best Short Film Director award of the 2019 International Christian Film & Music Festival for his writing and directing in Something Blue

Phil recognizes the immense power that thoughtful stories have to encourage, inspire and heal. He continues to hone his craft in order to share uplifting narratives with vulnerability and refreshing insight into the best and worst of who we are – and who we strive to be.

Phil is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Phil is available for commissions and collaborations, locally and nationally.

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